About us

Extensive research and decades of successful practice

MindLINK® stands for a therapeutic approach based on patented transmission technology which was developed by the dentist and alternative practitioner  Dr. Johann Lechner PhD-UCN and is now used by doctors, non-medical practitioners, therapists and coaches worldwide.

For his therapeutic approach Dr. J. Lechner PhD-UCN has created the term "Practiced Consciousness Medicine". This is not only lived and practiced in his own practice, but also passed on to many doctors, alternative practitioners, therapists and coaches beyond Germany. We, the MindLINK team, value and live its extensive holistic medicine knowledge and are delighted to share it among professionals and customers. We are glad to have him by our side as knowledge provider and speaker.

For almost 2 decades, MindLINK® is one of the know-how leaders in the field of bioenergetic processes. Behind MindLINK® stands the knowledge and the proven practice of holistically orientated doctors, alternative practitioners, therapists and coaches, who work as instructors and consultants.

MindLINK® connects areas of knowledge and overcomes boundaries. Hereby we always deal with the topics "consciousness medicine", "holistic medicine" and "bioenergetics". We research and discuss these topics and the applications in specialist circles and pass our knowledge on in the MindLINK Academy in trainings, workshops and lectures. We also provide books and specialty products, technology and software, which is used by therapists and professionals.


Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner: Referent der MindLink Akademie

Dr. Dr. (UCN-PhD) Johann Lechner

Product development MindLINK® / Speaker Since 1980 in own practice in Munich with focus on holistic dentistry, odontogenic interference field testing and system networking. Developed the patented testing procedures of MindLINK® from his 35 years of practical experience.

Robert Huber

Managing director

  • studied eonomics at the University of Hagen.
  • Specialization Marketing / Academy Dorfen
  • Sales Manager for the Swiss brokerage company Staudhammer AG in Zug
  • Senior Manager & Head of Online Marketing at Daimler Chrysler Bank
  • Managing Director / CEO H2Online & Marketing
  • Managing Director / Healthcare Medical Marketing
  • Founder "Initiative Health from Inside"

Vita Berger

Speaker & Coach


Teaching and coaching the use of the Armlength reflex test and technical handling and application oft he MindLINK software systems.