Help with learning problems

Whether it's an adult learning a new language, a teenager reading a book, a student preparing for an exam, or a school child learning to read and write, for all of them: it is all about achieving goals only possible with practice, diligence and discipline.

However, it is often the case, that the tasks that have been performed or presented prove to be so difficult, that we more or less quickly lose the necessary desire or give up.

The bad thing usually is, that these tasks can trigger in us mild to massive stress. It is understandable that we then lose all motivation and stop learning. Especially when a feeling of failure also sets in and thus our ego, our self-esteem and our self-confidence are damaged  and suffer.

As a result, there is additional pressure of negative reviews or external statements. In the case of the pupil, this often results in bad grades that can greatly influence the schoolchild´s or student´s career.


With the myEmo TEST® software module, we check which emotional blockages are present and deal primarily with the general stress that arises when carrying out the respective cumbersome task with harmonizing measures. If the experienced stress is reduced first or even tamed, everything suddenly becomes easier and one regains the joy and the élan to return to the task.

MindLINK PrevenTEST Software

With the PrevenTEST® software module, we check whether physical blockages trigger the stress symptoms and then solve these blockages with individual measures, supplementation and / or different holistic therapies. If, for example, a mineral deficiency is the trigger of the learning blockade, it shows up in the test and can be compensated with temporary intake / supplementation of the required mineral.

MindLINK myMENU TEST Software

With the myMENU TEST® software module, we check whether a poor diet is partly responsible for the resulting stress in coping with the task and with which current changes in the diet, this stress can be reduced or even eliminated.


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