Burnout and exhaustion

Chronic exhaustion and burnout are no longer rare diseases of managers. Nowadays, this problem affects a considerable part of our society. More and more people, including increasingly women and even children, feel exhausted and overburdened for an extended period of time. Many sufferers endure this condition until their body and mind finally strike. "Burn-out" then usually is the frightening diagnosis. But why has it gone so far, if the first signs of an impending burnout are usually very early to recognize?

Therapy in time is often difficult for physicians, alternative practitioners, therapists and coaches, as the psychological problems behind the symptoms of an approaching burnout can be very different. In practice, an appropriate diagnostic tool is missing to find out which triggers are causing the various symptoms of burn-out, such as sleep disorders, headaches, stomach aches, sadness, difficulty concentrating and listlessness.

You can change that: With the innovative MindLINK TEST® procedure you can become a consultant in terms of chronic fatigue and imminent burn-out. With these innovative - and only patented biofeedback systems - you are able to reveal the individual causes behind the symptoms of your patient:

Test, if

  • physical backgrounds such as Vitamin B deficiency, malnutrition etc.
  • emotional backgrounds such as negative beliefs, mis-orientation in self-esteem, etc. are present.
    In addition to finding the cause, you can use the procedure to treat the emotional conditions of occupational and family stress.

The MindLINK method starts here:

The goal is to discover the background of the burn-out syndrome and to restore or maintain a the power to act as quickly as possible.

With myEmo TEST® you can support your patients in achieving a balanced and strong psyche, which gives no chance to experience burn-out and chronic fatigue.


Help yor patients with myEmo TEST® to achieve a balanced and strong psyche which gives no chance to burn-out and chronic fatigue.

MindLINK PrevenTEST Software

Help your patients with PrevenTEST® to provide a stress-resistant and strong physique that gives burn-out and chronic fatigue no chance.


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