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Dialogue with the inner consciousness - only available in German language

Dr. Johann Lechner PhD-UCN
With modern scalar wave technique to emotional self-balance and autonomous consciousness strategies

The book "Dialogue with the Inner Consciousness" Dr. Johann Lechner PhD-UCN leads us to a new quality in dealing with emotional destabilization, energetic "burnout" and orthomolecular health care.

The author's more than 40 years of experience in bioenergetics describes navigation instruments for the invisible, which allow one to explore the inner consciousness.

This book describes details of all MindLINK® products and their applications.

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Armlength reflex test and systemic kinesiology - only available in German language

Dr. Johann Lechner PhD-UCN

Armlength reflex test and systemic kinesiology: The guide

In this guide, the author introduces step-by-step systemic kinesiology with the arm length reflex test.

In this investigation method, which he himself has developed, the detection of deep underlying stress phenomena is in the main topic.

With the arm length reflex test according to Raphael van Assche, doctors, non-medical practitioners and therapists have a simple but meaningful tool to ask questions directly their patients' organism.

The execution of the test and the assessment of the answers given by the body in form of reflex reactions are presented in detail by the author in words and pictures.

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Elements of health - only available in German language

Dr. Harald Banzhaf, Univ. Dr. Doz. John Ionescu, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. Joachim Mutter, Dr. Holger Scholz, Dr. Johann Lechner PhD-UCN, et al.

Elements of Health - A new dimension of holistic health

This book is intended to address two groups of readers.

On the one hand people, who want to find out about important health issues of our time, on the other hand, people who are looking for information about their disease. For the latter, some very detailed instructions have been included.

The detailed information comes from the practical work of the authors with patients and should give suggestions.

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Healthy teeth - healthy person - only available in German language

Dr. Johann Lechner PhD-UCN

Healthy teeth - healthy person

How important holistic dentistry is

How healthy we are, depends essentially on our teeth. But very few dentists know about these connections. They use metals and toxins that pollute the body. Dr. Johann Lechner wants to change that. The holistic dentist combines ancient healing knowledge with the newest science and technology. 

Did you know that tental bacteria can trigger a heart attack? That interference fields in the mouth can lead to joint inflammation? That unsecured wounds after tooth extraction are a constant source of danger? Sick teeth, as well as wrong dental treatments burden humans. They weaken the immune system and cause chronic diseases. Lechner's dentistry is undogmatic, it does not single out individual toxins such as amalgam. At the center of his treatment is the whole patient with the sum of his symptoms and burdens. He helps his patient‘s - not only with pliers and drills, but with homeopathy, kinesiology and acupuncture. A controversial work for anyone who wants to have a critical conversation with their dentist.

  • Why it is so important to detect and eliminate interference fields…
  • What biocompatible alternatives there are to incriminating dental materials such as amalgam or plastic adhesives…
  • How natural remedies can support the dental treatment…
  • Which strategies, not only keep your mouth healthy, but your entire body with proper dental care…


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168 pages
Hardcover multicolored