MindLINK Dialogue with the Inner Consciousness

MindLINK® stands for a therapeutic approach based on patented transmission technology, developed by the holistic dentist and alternative practitioner Dr.  Johann Lechner, PhD-UCN, which is used by doctors, alternative practitioners, therapists and coaches worldwide. Dr. Lechner has therefore created the term "practiced consciousness medicine" for his therapeutic approach.

MindLINK TEST® procedures were primarily developed for the use by doctors and alternative practitioners. We also offer concepts for therapists and coaches and beyond that, products for the end user.

MindLINK Software Systems to facilitate and optimize kinesiological testing

By testing inner resonances and through the coupling to individually fitting solutions, minimal impulses are enough to achieve a great effect. The productive and creative potential can be tapped better. Vitality and the zest for life are preserved and early loss of performance, lack of concentration, lack of energy, fatigue and much more can be prevented and treated by simple means.

  • Basis for any type of counseling
  • Checking the background of learning problems and concentration disorders
  • Addiction treatment (e.g. smoking)
  • Any kind of phobias (fear of flying, spiders, water, etc.)
  • Help with losing weight
  • Coaching and personality development of employees and athletes
  • Solving motivational issues, increasing performance and creativity
  • Development of personal success strategies
  • Solution of trauma (e.g. birth trauma) and occupational stress disorders such as burnout
  • Clarification of questions for an individual nutrition plan
  • Finding systemic connections and physical blockages
  • Locating self-sabotage programmes and psychological reversals
  • Uncovering family-dynamic behavior patterns and contexts from the past

MindLINK WavePads® - For stress prevention, energy generation and space harmonization

Many people are under enormous pressure to perform and are increasingly sensitive to environmental influences. Numerous external factors such as stress, anger, noise and e-smog affect our organism, our well-being, our performance and ultimately our health.

The MindLINK WavePads® can help to create a better inner order and can have a harmonizing effect. MindLINK® can help to compensate negative environmental influences and emotional weaknesses in a simple way.

A patented transmission technology is used, with the WavePads® information (music, positive reinforcement sentences affirmations, nature sounds) are transformed into artificial fields of consciousness.

It is recommended to play classical music, such as Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Ravel or sounds of nature animal sounds (whale songs, birdsongs, etc.) via the MindLINK WavePads®. Positive affirmations are applied when negative patterns are present, which should be corrected.  The information (music, affirmations, sounds of nature) is thus transmitted inaudibly directly to the subconscious of the user.


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