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Dr. Dieter Schneider (alternative practitioner), Munich, Germany

MindLINK makes kinesiological testing a modern, truly "holistic" method. The transmission of the test questions via WavePads has proven itself many times and gives great freedom in regard of the topics to be processed. The bandwith of the test questions is overwhelming, yet the test architecture is very clear and easy to understand. The use of percent scores replaces the simple yes / no answers with a practical assessment of the relevance of the problem/situation found. The transition between diagnostic work and therapeutic procedures is elegant, because in one setting, the suitable supplements, any further treatment options and positive affirmations and solutions can be tested for almost every physical and psycho-emotional problem. At the end of a test session the client receives - in addition to a recipe and the test protocol - the tested positive affirmations and solution on his MP3 player and and allows the client back at home to teat himself via WavePads®.

By the way, the highly motivated MindLINK team is always ready to assist users.

Theo Fussgänger (Naturopath), Bad Pyrmont, Germany

I am an avid user of the myEmo TEST and PrevenTEST Software modules and have been from the very beginning. The solution-oriented, individual tests amaze me even after many years of practice, again and again. Simple test procedures reveal the causes of problems and then create a patient-specific, effective, tolerable treatment plan. Both programmes are indispensable in my work. Particularly with my young clients, with school problems, (ADH, ADHD) the successes are apparent in a short time.

Sandra Neugebauer (Mental Trainer for Athletes /Coach), Hannover, Germany

Since 2010 I have been working in the therapeutic area as well as in a supporting role as mental trainer for athletes with the MindLINK company. It is the most effective method for me. I also can combine the MindLINK method with e.g. counseling. If I have questions as a software user (for example in the area of the software application) I always get promptly and competent information from MindLINK team. The knowledge of Dr. Lechner is impressive. I am convinced of his method!

Karin Skarabis (member of the Professional Association of Preventologists eV), Berlin, Germany

Since the MindLINK method exists, I apply it with great success in my health practice. I get consistently positive feedback from my clients, because they can see, with this method the context behind their symptoms is finally revealed. However, they are just as excited about how quickly the healing phrases, which are applied to their subconscious mind with the help of the WavePad, lead to a positive change. With MindLINK, both acute and chronic complaints on all levels - body, mind and soul - can be relieved. The result is always associated with an improvement in the quality of life.


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