MindLINK WavePad® WALL Basic Model

MindLINK WavePad® WALL Basic Model - large, decorative MindLINK WavePad®

This large WavePad®, with the possibility for wall mounting and as a table stand, is especially suitable for the harmonization of living and working areas, practice rooms, hotel lobbies, wellness areas and seminar and meeting rooms.

It has, like all our WavePads®, a jack plug that is connected to the audio output of your device (MP3 player, CD player, smartphone, stereo, notebook, tablet, computer) like normal headphones. The MindLINK WavePad® WALL has a range of up to 10 meters in radius.

Objects or walls can not diminish its positive effect as it has an effect through these.

The MindLINK WavePad® is suitable for playing of classical music, positive affirmations and sounds of nature.

  • Connectable to an MP3 player, CD player, smartphone, notebook, tablet, stereo
  • Wall mounting possible, hangers are pre-assembled
  • For the harmonization rooms, in living and working areas, practice rooms, hotel lobbies, wellness areas, meeting and seminar rooms
  • Monochrome, with white mat (24 x 24 cm)
  • Diameter of the WavePad® approx. 20 cm
  • Range up to 10 meters in radius
  • Illustrations may differ from the original product

for space harmonization
range up to 10 meters
modern design

only 408,44 €
incl. 19% VAT

MindLINK WavePads® - Dialogue with the inner consiousness


With the MindLINK WavePads®, a method has been developed that enables rapid reduction of inner blockages. Both stress symptoms, as well as emotional and physical complaints are reduced or completely eliminated by this simple method. This method uses the so-called scalar wave technology, which is used in the different versions of the WavePads®. The scalar waves are imperceptible to the external sense of hearing and represent, according to the definition of modern "vacuum physics", a potential energy "with the possibility of effecting something". The MindLINK WavePads® create an informed scalar field that transmits the resulting positive energy directly to the subconscious mind, without involving conscious awareness. That is why you will not hear anything when using the MindLINK WavePads®, but you will soon experience an invigorating, grading effect.

The MindLINK WavePads® are suitable for:

The use by the end user • and in connection with the MindLINK software systems: for physicians and naturopathsfor therapists and coaches

Negative environmental influences and protection against e-smog

Protection and stabilization through better inner order, increased stress resistance and performance enhancement, better and longer concentration.

For protection against e-smog you play classical music via your MindLINK WavePad®.


Inner balance and self-balance

For relaxation, play sounds of nature or classical music through the MindLINK WavePad®.

Increasing performance and more activity

More success in all areas of life such as sports, school, work, learning.

Play sounds of nature or classical music through the MindLINK WavePad®.

During rest and recovery, play positive the positive affirmations which are provided by your therapist or personal coach.

Quality of life

More activity and quality of life through relief from addictions and unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, drinking or an unhealthy diet.

Ideally, you use the affirmations and solutions determined individually for you from your therapist or coach.

Stabilization of the organism & increased stress resistance & balance & much more ...

The MindLINK WavePads® are suitable all kinds of areas. There are mobile versions that are suitable for both, travelling and for the use in rooms and we have particularly decorative WavePads®, with wide range and for the interior operation. Here are just a few examples where the MindLINK WavePads® can be used:

Practices & wellness areas

Hotel lobbies & waiting rooms

On the road & at home

Work & school

At your therapist or personal coach in use with the MindLINK software systems

MindLINK WavePads® are useful everywhere.

  • The WavePads® convert an audio file with the desired, positive information into a so-called field of consciousness.
  • The MindLINK WavePads® are plugged into the audio output of an audio device (iPod, MP3 player, CD player, stereo system, PC, notebook) instead of a conventional headphone.
  • The transmitted information (music, sounds of nature, affirmations) is inaudible and couples by the patented technology directly with the subconscious of the user.
  • It is suffivient if the WavePad is worn close to the body. Depending on the size of the WavePads®, the range is 1.50 to 30.00 meters.