Psyche as the cause of disease

Daily practice shows that there is a mental or emotional blockage behind every second to third physical symptom. Only when this emotional blockage is solved, the body succeeds in implementing existing and applied solutions and it can heal. The protective mantle behind overweight and preventing from achieving the desired weight or the self-sbotaging programmes that cause wounds to heal, are not uncommon. Also, we have all heard that cardiovascular diseases can develop in case of a strong heartache or a patient suffers from hearing loss because he "does not want to hear" in the truth. There are many of these obvious, often self-explanatory phenomena. It only becomes problematic, when psychological or emotional backgrounds are present, which do not explain themselves and which we do not think about. Sometimes it is enough to know what is actually the background of a symptom.

The purpose of the holistic therapy is to uncover and treat the background of the present symptoms in order to support the body in self-healing.



With the MindLINK® software systems, we check which emotional and physical blockages are currently in the individual present and with which harmonizing measures these blockages can be solved.

As soon as the blockages are completely solved, the affected person usually experiences an improvement or cure of his symptoms. And whether it is the symptoms of allergies, joint problems, inflammation, it is always worthwhile to look fort he trigger. For example, if untreated traumatic experiences, repressed childhood experiences, or low self-esteem are in the way, there is little chance of recovery.


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