MindLINK Academy

MindLINK Academy

We offer seminars, workshops, trainings and lectures around our patented MindLINK TEST® procedures all year long.

In our free information webinars you have the opportunity to inform yourself about the MindLINK TEST® procedures for free.

Experienced speakers and staff train throughout the year on the application and use of the three software systems myEmo TEST®, PrevenTEST® and myMENU TEST® as well as the arm length reflex test of Raphael van Assche as a kinesiological method.

In addition, we are always represented at trade fairs and congresses with an exhibition booth. Dr. Lechner lectures and teaches seminars on various topics. The general terms and conditions for seminars apply to all events of the MindLINK Academy. Download: Terms and Conditions

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We have made a good plan - for your success and the well-being of your customers - get an overview of the variety of our offers!

For all those, who have never heard of the MindLINK® software systems and their applications and want to get a first impression, we offer our free info webinars.

Are you interested in topics of holistic medicine and dental medicine? Throughout the year, we organize one-day seminars with well-known speakers from a variety of topics. Surely something is there for you.

You would like to integrate our software systems into your practice? In 4.5 - 5-hour workshops, you will learn how to use our systems and how to use them profitably in your practice.

Here is an excerpt of our list of speakers.

Everything revolves around health, dentistry and innovative solutions for your practice