MindLINK products

The company MindLINK® has developed a complete concept for a successful holistic practice. MindLINK® stands for a therapeutic approach of patented transmission technology based on MindLINK WavePads®, which was developed by the dentist and alternative practitioner Dr. med. Johann Lechner PhD-UCN was developed in his own practice. 

MindLINK® therapy and diagnostic procedures were primarily developed for the use by doctors and alternative practitioners. Furthermore, we offer concepts for therapists and coaches and also MindLINK WavePads® for self-application for the end user.

At this point, we expressly point out that we ourselves do not practice any medical science and that the methods and devices are methods of empirical medicine and naturopathy that are not scientifically recognized. For testing, ideomotor reflexes and kinesiology techniques are used; the results are purely energetic.

The MindLINK software systems myEmo TEST®, PrevenTEST® and myMENU TEST® are databases with test elements on emotional, physical or diet-related dynamics and blockages.

With the MindLINK Wave Pads® according to Tesla, a method has been developed that enables rapid recognition and reduction of inner blockages. Both, stress symptoms as well as mental and physical ailments are reduced by this simple method ...

The MindLINK Balance Booster is a plug-in power supply with integrated small amplifier, including an SD card with sounds of nature in repeat mode ....


Books and articles from Dr. Lechner about the MindLINK method and the Dialogue with the inner consciousness are only available in German language.