MindLINK myMENU TEST® Software

myMENU TEST® Software module for testing diet-related blockages and intolerances

myMENU TEST®is a software module for extensive vital and metabolic analysis using reflex tests and computer-aided analysis.

It is uniquely adapted to your current metabolism and provides information about the activity of the individual organs, the protein-, fat- and carbohydrate metabolism, glandular activity (hormones), the acid-base balance and much more.

This determines which changes in food and nutrients will support and improve the metabolism in order to achieve the desired goal.

Product information myMENU TEST® software module:

  • 1 Online-Software module license with login
  • included in the price: 1 MindLINK WavePad® SPACE for the
  • informationtransfer value 255,00 Euro
  • 1.000 testelements from the area of blockages
  • 3.000 testelements from the area of solutions
  • 50 Patient brochures „Eat healthy - live better“
  • Free registration as user on our website in the list of therapists

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Service & Maintenance

In order to always be always up to date with the newest technology when using your MindLINK software modules, you will also receive a service and maintenance contract when you buy your MindLINK software system. This service & maintenance agreement contains useful functions such as the automatic update service.

Select your myMenu TEST® starter package

In order test for extensive vital and metabolic analysis, you can select from the following packages:
The prices below are monthly prices. A contract is concluded for a minimum term of 1 year and can be terminated at the end of the quarter.


For newcomers to the software and those who would like to get to know us first.

BASIC includes:


  • Various setup options (Surrogate test, Primary system connection)

    Programing blockages

  • Nutritional indices


  • Commandments / prohibitions plate and cup 
  • Blockages of period of time 
  • Additional measures an therapies


monthly 33,64 € incl. VAT


More blockages and affirmations for everyone who has already dealt with the software and wants more.

ADVANCED includes:


  • Individual food intolerances

  • Special food allergies


  • Balance plate- Commandments
  • Balance cup - prohibitions
  • Balance plate - Commandments
  • Balance cup - prohibitions


monthly 45,24 € incl. VAT


You are familiar with the MindLINK Software® modules. You are an alternative practitioner or a medical doctor. In this version are all blockages and affirmations available for you.

PRO includes:


  • Current consumption of luxury foods

  • Current consumption of nutrients

  • Food additive intolerances


  • Organ functions -  commandments and prohibitions
  • Metabolic commandments and prohibitions


monthly 56,84 € incl. VAT

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