MindLINK MindLINK Consciousness Medicine for Physicians and Naturopaths

Looking for causes & correction of interference fields

For many years, the dentist and naturopath Dr. Johann Lechner PhD-UCN in Munich has successfully ran a holistic practice clinic.

The main topic is the detection of (dental) interference fields, but also the finding of connections in the system.

It is about the search for causes, so the question of triggers, of:

  • chronic diseases
  • allergies
  • tinnitus
  • unspecific recurrent symptoms
  • and many other diseases

E.g. rootcanal-filled teeth can have an impact on the development of disease and whether introduced materials are compatible or disturbing.

At the same time, he wanted to move away from mental testing with ampoules and towards a structured test that is traceable, fast and efficient.

The complete concept for your practice

That is why Dr. Lechner developed the MindLINK software system.

The MindLINK software system is suitable for a large variety of applications and can be a valuable tool for successful work in the holistic practice.

The MindLINK software system with three modules:

Module 1 - myEmo TEST® Software

is used to test emotional blockages

Module 2 - PrevenTEST® Software

serves to find system connections and physical blockages

Module 3 - myMenu TEST® Software

is used to test nutritional blockages and food intolerances

Our Test Systems - Patented Technology

The MindLINK software systems myEmo TEST®, PrevenTEST® and myMENU TEST® are databases with test elements on emotional, physical or diet-related dynamics and blockages. They consist of audio files, ie audible words. Instead of a speaker, these audio files are transferred to the tested client with the specially developed MindLINK WavePads®.

The WavePads® transform the audio files into artificial fields of consciousness. If the tested client resonates with the transmitted content, an arm reflex arises. With this armlength reflex it is possible with a yes / no query to test for individual blockages and appropriate solutions.

For this specific technique used in the MindLINK WavePads® HP Dr. Johann Lechner PhD-UCN received a patent. This patent testifies that HP Dr. Johann Lechner PhD-UCN had to bring proof of an effect.

The complete concept for your practice!

The MindLINK software modules at a glance

  • Each MindLINK software module contains an extensive database with test elements specifically selected for the respective application. Each of these test elements is linked to an audio file.
  • The main component of the MindLINK software module is the specially designed MindLINK WavePad®. This patented transmission technology works on the basis of Tesla coils. The MindLINK WavePad® converts the audio file into a field of consciousness.
  • Via the audio output of the PC or notebook, the information is transmitted directly and silently to the subconscious of the test person. For this, the MindLINK WavePad® has to be plugged into the audio output of the PC or notebook.
  • With the help of kinesiology (for example, arm length reflex test according to Raphael van Assche), the doctor or naturopath can check the resonances of the inner consciousness of the tested client and detect hidden blockages deep in the subconscious.

  • A percentage score displayed in the software helps to determine how intense a blockage is. It can be used to test multiple layers and deep underlying backgrounds of patterns of behavior or physical symptoms.

  • The results are recorded by the software in a log. This log can be printed out for the client or for colleagues. Orders for supplements can be sent online to the suppliers immediately (PrevenTEST® Software Module).

With these features our software modules are technically up to date and allow fast and precise testing.


myEmo TEST® - "The psyche as a cause of illness"

Support for diagnosis and therapy of emotional blockages. This software module can help to find quickly and effectively emotional blockages as a background of emotional or physical symptoms. It supports an individual diagnosis and can serve as an introduction to any form of counseling.

MindLINK PrevenTEST Software

PrevenTEST® - "The new way to health and consciousness"

The PrevenTEST® software module is used to find system interconnections and physical blockages of the body. It can be used, for example, to check which causes could be the background of certain illnesses and which additional measures the body needs to compensate it.

MindLINK myMENU TEST Software

myMENU TEST® - "Eating right - living better"

myMENU TEST® is a software module for extensive vital and metabolic analysis by means of a reflex test and computer-aided diagnostics. It is uniquely adapted to the current metabolism and provides information on the activity of the individual organs, the protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, glandular activity (hormones), the acid-base balance and much more.